Easy & Powerful Compensation Plan ...

By keeping things easy with SignatureLife, we developed a one-of-a-kind Compensation Plan that is EASY to understand, easy to tell others about, and best of all easy to earn Money … Lots of Money!

The SignatureLife Compensation Plan is so simple you qualify for Commission when you refer Just 1 Member! No sneaky binary short leg (where the company keeps all the money), no qualifying sales volume or sales quotas, no hidden tricks … … Just refer 1 Member!

Remember … SignatureLife is the “UN” MLM program and we prove this with our EASY Compensation Plan! We are everything you always wanted and expected from a Direct Sales Networking Opportunity ...


Can you refer 5, 10, 25, 50, or Hundreds? We got you covered! Launch Flash Presentation

The SignatureLife “2-Infinity Success Compensation System” is so unique it has been Trademarked with Patents Pending …

As we said … … The Compensation Plan is really easy. All you need to know and show is in this quick Flash Compensation Presentation!

  • Refer just 1 Member and you Qualify for Commissions
  • Compensation Plan pays through 30 TOTAL Generations
  • 20% Member referral activation Bonus
  • Radically powerful 50% total Matching Bonus for qualified Members
  • Payouts virtually 100% of available margins
  • Commission Earnings are UNLMITED — We have no commission caps (as many others do) — You determine your Financial Earnings ... $500 a month! $5,000 a month! or $50,000 a month! Or More


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